Hydrogen Sulfide Liquid-Phase Oxidation Technology

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High performance technology designed for deep natural and associated petroleum gas desulfurization. Desulfurization process by hydrogen sulfide liquid-phase oxidation using iron chelate solution is plain and clear. In the first stage feed gas passes through catalyst water solution based on iron chelates where hydrogen sulfide reacts with iron ions as a result of which fine elemental sulfur and iron ion solution are formed. Iron ions barely react with the other gas components since the catalyst affects hydrogen sulfide in a differentiated way.

The waste solution is fed to the second oxidation stage, during which iron ions 2Fe + 2 are regenerated by ambient oxygen. The regenerated solution is returned to the first stage. The basic chemical process is technically simple and totally environmentally-green

R&P Co. Grasys is the only Russian company that has gained experience of leading foreign engineering companies involved in hydrogen sulfide liquid-phase oxidation using iron chelate solution, and has developed a technology with allowance made for operating conditions in the Russian Federation.

This engineering procedure neither uses nor produces any toxic substances. Desulfurization units convert H2S into elemental, recyclable, harmless sulfur (sulfur is either used as an additive in the sulfur asphalt concrete production or exposed to disposal).

Natural and Associated Petroleum Gas Desulfurization Unit Flowchart

Схема работы установки сероочистки природного и попутного нефтяного газа

Efficient Technology

This technology enables to reduce hydrogen sulfide content by several hundred- and thousand-fold within a broad range of process pressures from 0.1 MPa to 10 MPa.

Liquid phase desulfurization units are applicable to all types of gas streams, including:

  • H2S removal from natural and associated petroleum gas;
  • amine solution regeneration gas;
  • oil refinery gas;
  • post-treatment of permeate flow from APG and PG membrane treatment units.

Advantages of Grasys Liquid-Phase Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation Technology:

  • Highly efficient gas purification from hydrogen sulfide
  • Loss free purified gas
  • No sewer drains
  • No need for waste gas disposal
  • Reasonable operational expenses
  • Environmental safety
  • Accessibility of chemical components for solution preparation
  • No technology licensing fees

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